Book Review: The Sleepwalker Legacy by Christopher Hepworth

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The Sleepwalker Legacy (“TSL”), by Christopher Hepworth,  hit me with a pang of nostalgia for the thrilling espionage sequences of old before I had even turned a page. This was well played, because the book that makes you feel something is the one you deem worthy of reading to the very end.

The book sets a fast pace from the very get-go. This first book by a truly gifted author opens with a dangerous tone, showing a negotiation between the Chinese Government and the protagonist, Sam Jardine, a skilled corporate negotiator. Move over, Mr. Harvey Specter, there’s a new closer in town!

After a brush with death, Jardine is on the lam, evading arrest for the suspicion of having spied on the Chinese Politburo. He is rescued by the enigmatic yet very charming (and bestowed with the disposition to use said charms to her benefit) Rachael Becket, heir to a multinational pharmaceutical giant, who makes him an offer he just cannot refuse given the unfortunate circumstances he’s found himself in. Thus, Jardine is begrudgingly embroiled in a saga that spans over two centuries.

The battle against Berserker, the sleepwalker drug, started by Jardine’s ancestor, after he saw first-hand the repercussions of its use, is carried forward by Jardine when the threat of it being reintroduced as a stimulant to win wars looms large. This drug has a very potent side-effect, called the sleepwalker legacy, which helps the user to vanquish its enemies, however, its use is akin to a deal with the devil as the drug devours the user’s very soul. Moreover, the possibility of it reaching the wrong hands is blood curdling.

Hepworth deftly spins a gripping story, bringing a thriller that is bound to give you sleepless nights as you envision a government conspiracy in every walk of life. Full of numerous twists and turns, adventures, troubles and negotiations made in the very nick of time, TSL makes you fall in love with Jardine, an endearing character through whom are posed some critical questions, viz., the question of the ‘greater good’, the tussle between morality and money, the ethical dilemmas faced by the pharmaceutical industry, etc. Hepworth’s work with the pharmaceutical industry has made him create a well researched, well rounded story-line.

Hepworth also seamlessly integrates events from two different centuries, traversing over two different wars. We are also treated to an enlightening dose of history pertaining to the native American Indians which is, again, well-researched.

To summarize, The Sleepwalker Legacy is an intriguing thriller delving into bloodthirsty wars, government conspiracies, corporate one-upmanship, dressed with pricks of conscience and a pinch of romance. I would definitely recommend this one!

About the Author – Christopher Hepworth was born in England, raised in Zambia and is based in Sydney, Australia. His third book, The Last Oracle, is a climate change thriller based partly on an oil rig in Greenland and partly in Egypt with lots of references to the ancient Egyptian religion and is slated to be available on Amazon by August, 2017. My correspondence with Mr. Hepworth on receiving a free copy of TSL has been a humbling and inspiring experience. Mr. Hepworth, who still considers himself to be an aspiring author (but you need only read TSL to know that he’s definitely made his mark), encourages growth of the reading community across the world and believes that books need not be expensive or difficult to get hold of. Very noble and beautiful thoughts indeed. The wonderful nature of Mr. Hepworth is what prompted me to review his book first and foremost for my blog.

Do you enjoy thrillers? I would love to know if you plan on reading THE SLEEPWALKER LEGACY!

Grab your own copy of the book here. Let me know your feedback in the comments section down below.

Thank you for reading!

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 Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the book as part of a promotional giveaway.



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  2. Dhananjay M. Bhati July 16, 2017 — 12:37 am

    Sounds like a gripping page turner! I’ll definitely give it a read.

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  3. [ Smiles ] The part about the sleepwalker’s drug intrigues.

    Great book review, Varnika!

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  4. Thank you Varnika Jain for your wonderful book review. I have really enjoyed our interaction by email and your words about me and my book The Sleepwalker Legacy are too kind. I wish you, your website and your readers all the best for the future.
    Kind regards,
    Christopher Hepworth

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